Our Practice

Welcome to Mount Anthony Veterinary Hospital, your local veterinarians in Bennington. We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary services for animals in Bennington and surrounding areas.

Dr. Peter Geannelis owned and operated Mount Anthony Veterinary Hospital since 1988. His goal is to offer quality veterinary care while maintaining affordability. Dr. Geannelis was born and raised right here in Bennington and he recognizes the diverse means of the community. Dr. Geannelis set out to offer his services, so as not to exclude anyone from receiving essential veterinary care. 

“What is it like to work at Mount Anthony Veterinary Hospital?”

The staff at Mount Anthony feels that REWARDING is the best answer to this question. We share a common bond in our love of animals. Every day provides a new challenge and it is comforting to know that everything medically available to help the patient is performed. Pets have something wonderful that they contribute and in return, we treat them with the dignity and respect that they so richly deserve.

“Every staff member contributes to the success of Mount Anthony Veterinary Hospital”.

Every staff member contributes to the success of Mount Anthony Veterinary Hospital. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with going home at night after successfully repairing a broken bone or completing a phone call that helped a client with a problem. At the close of the day, a staff member can often be found stopping to comfort a pet or giving an extra blanket.  This is what we would expect for our own pets. Every employee’s duties are vital including the employee that disinfects the hospital to ensure that a healthy environment is provided.  Many of our staff have been long-term employees and are continuously seeking to enhance services to improve pet’s lives.

Mount Anthony has a long history of participating in low-cost spay/neuter programs, working with local shelters and rescue organizations. Every year Dr. Geannelis donates his services for our adoption program. We are proud to assist in placing stray pets into loving homes. These pets are sterilized, tested, and fully vaccinated before being placed. Our staff has provided a permanent home for a few of these pets.

There is no substitute for what a pet brings into our lives. They offer us trust, companionship, forgiveness, and unconditional love that are unparalleled. Anything that we can do to foster that bond is not only our job but also a privilege!

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