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Peter Geannelis, DVM


Dr. Peter Geannelis knew that he wanted to be a veterinarian since he was fifteen years old. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1981 with a B.A. in Biology and completed his graduate work in the Sackler School at Tufts University in 1982. In 1983 he attended the Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1987 and achieving his childhood dream. There was never any question that he would build his practice in the community where he has deep roots and strong family ties. Mount Anthony Veterinary Hospital opened in 1988 as a mixed animal practice. The practice has since become solely dedicated to the well-being of small companion animals.

Dr. Geannelis has a special interest in orthopedic surgery and dermatology. He ensures that he offers the latest in technological advances by attending numerous continuing education seminars. He believes that providing his staff with similar educational opportunities facilitates supporting the mission of providing high-quality veterinary services to the patients entrusted to his care. A portion of the proceeds of Mount Anthony Veterinary Hospital is given towards its own low-cost spay/neuter program for feral cats.

Dr. Geannelis is an avid sports enthusiast. He has coached basketball and baseball, donated uniforms, and constructed baseball fields. He can still be found playing on a baseball team himself. Although he leads an active lifestyle he carries on the legacy of his father, Richard Geannelis, by owning and operating the Geannelis Tree Farm.

Dr. Peter Geannelis, DVM